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I can neither confirm nor deny we had one of our bounce houses on the front lawn of the State Capitol Building in Sacramento CA last Saturday but look at this cool picture we took.


Grace a 94.5 year old great grandma shattered a world record yesterday by being the oldest to ever bounce in a bounce house. In the picture she was refusing to exit the bounce house saying that "We never had these when I was a kid and I need to make up for lost time". When the delivery driver for Bouncey House Rentals went to pick up the bounce house after the party was over Grace was still refusing to exit. This seems to happen almost every time with 4 and 94 year old jumpers.

Guinness book of world records had its experts review, verify and confirm the authenticity of the photo.

2013-07-30 17.48.49.jpg2013-07-30 17.48.32.jpg2012-04-21 17.46.15.jpg2012-04-21 17.44.49.jpg