Velcro Wall

Velcro Wall

    • Actual Size: 18X30X15
    • Setup Area: 18X30X15
    • Outlets: 1
    • Age Group: 10 & Up
    • Attendants: 1

    • $350.00
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Velcro Wall Rental

Run, Hop Hop Hop, Jump and Stick. Now, try to get down and do it all over again.

Ever wondered what it would be like to stick to a wall like insects do? Bouncey House Rentals has made it possible for you to find out with the Velcro Wall. This inflatable amusement is 12 feet tall with a 19 foot runway to offer plenty of space for participants to run, jump and stick themselves to the wall. Whoever said "what goes up must come down" never played on a Velcro Wall. Feel free to be creative in your approach to the Velcro Wall for more sticking fun. Spread your arms and legs, spin, turn, run, hop, flip and jump your way into any position you desire.
The Velcro Wall features high inflatable walls for the safety of the jumpers and is approved by New Jersey and Pennsylvania state safety guidelines for inflatable amusement ride safety accordingly. The Velcro Wall is a great attraction for your party.  Everyone can enjoy hours of fun with the Velcro Wall, it is sure to satisfy all.

Dads have more fun if you do a kid toss but I absolutely do not recommend this! Kid Tossing is frowned upon... You will never have so much fun... Do Not Toss Your Kids!

Velcro Wall includes: 
1-Small Vecro Suit
1-Large Velcro Suit