Trackless Train

Christmas Trackless Train

    • Actual Size: 17'L x 3'W x 6'H
    • Setup Area: Large Parking Lot
    • Age Group: All Ages

    • $1,295.00
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Trackless Train Rental


Rent our Premium Wattman Electric Trackless Train for your next event today! These trains are exactly the model you see driving around in shopping malls. They are powered electrically so there is less noise and no pollution! This train can be driven indoors or outside! This train must be driven on a smooth flat surface. This train rental is perfect for holiday parties and resort locations because it is so gorgeous and authentic! Rent an electric trackless train today! This electric trackless train must be used on concrete or asphalt. Our service includes 2 hours of party time with a train driver. Additional hours may be purchased. The trackless train rental will require a large open space or parking lot.


The Trackless Train Rental is exciting entertainment for kids birthday parties, your next event, and all festivals. Trackless trains can travel on large flat parking lots or grass field. Everyone can enjoy a ride on the Trackless Train Rental. Make sure to reserve the trackless train for your next event today!

The Trackless Train comes with a trained Conductor for everyones safety. If you ask nicely you might even get to ring the trains bell. Make sure to wave to all your friends as you travel on the trackless train. The trackless train can voyage anywhere in Sacramento, Roseville, Lincoln Too. We can go just about anywhere with our trackless train.

Company Branding Wraps are available for your corporate events.

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$1295 / 2 hrs.   $375 for each additional hour.