Jousting Stage Battle

Jousting Stage Battle

    • Setup Area: 25x28x10
    • Age Group: 8 and Up
    • Attendants: 1

    • $359.00
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Sacramento Jousting Battle 

GLADIATORS READY!! Anyone who has seen American Gladiators knows what Bouncey House Rentals Joust Battle is all about. For those who have not, this amusement places two challengers on separate pedestal mounds off set in the center of the arena. Each is equipped with a joust pole and protective head gear. The challenge of the Joust Arena is to remain on the pedestal and attempt to knock off your opponent. It makes for a fun and safe challenge.

Its attractive color theme and design helps this product stand out at any event. Joust is perfect for all indoor and outdoor venues. The Joust Arena is sure to please any crowd with fun-filled physical activity and entertainment.